Land-Portable Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor ( Model: Lancom 200 )

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It is designed specifically for plant requiring only periodic monitoring of the sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature for boiler efficiency checks, corrosion protection and evaluation of the effectiveness of corrective measures such as fuel additives and changes in the combustion conditions.

Key Feature

 – Key process parameters measured and calculated – Essential operator information including SO3

Easy to use precise control – Obtain a reading in minutes

Weighs only 10kg (22lb) – Easily carried around plant

Robust, industrial design – For daily use in the harshest plant environments

Data logging – Capture and store over 10,000 readings

Simple field maintenance – Easy-fit measurement cell – replace in minutes

 – Traceable Calibration – To national standards in our own UKAS approved lab

Key Benefits

 – Monitor SO3 slip within an ESP to improve ash collection efficiency whilst minimising acid aerosol emissions

– Prevent Air Heater Fouling

– Reduce maintenance caused by cold-end corrosion in maintaining the exit gas above the dewpoint temperature

– Monitor acid aerosol emissions (H2SO4 / SO3)

 – Monitor and reduce acid smut emissions


Technical Details
Technique Conductive Cell Technique
Measurment Parameters Range Units
Acid Dewpoint Temperature 100 – 200 °C 
(210 – 390 °F)
Displayed in °C or °F
Flue Gas Temperature 0 – 450 °C (32 – 840 °F) Displayed in °C or °F
*Minimum Metal Temperature 100 – 250 °C 
(210 – 480 °F)
Displayed in °C or °F
*SO3 concentration 0.1 – 9999 ppm, mg/m3 or lb/mmBTU
*H2SO4 concentration 0.1 – 9999 ppm, mg/m3 or lb/mmBTU
*Toxic Release Inventory 0 – 200,000 kg/hr, tonnes/yr, lb/hr, tons(US)/yr
*calculated values
Accuracy ±0.5 °C dewpoint temperature
Resolution 0.1 °C
Display ¼ VGA color LCD
Indicators (LED type) ON (Power), Battery Low, Battery Charging, Fault
Data Logging All data values logged. Log interval 1 sec. to 10 min.
Storage for at least 10,000 records
Electrical Safety EN 61010-2
EMC EN 61326 (Industrial)
Protection from dust and water
Instrument in bag IP42 of BS EN 60529
Probe IP65 of BS EN 60529
Vibration (probe only) BS EN 60068-2-6 (10 Hz to 150 Hz at 19.6 m.s
Modbus Communications RS232 or RS485 isolated 2-wire RTU mode, 19200 baud, 
8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit
Current Loop outputs 8 channels (4 – 20mA) ±0.1 mA non-isolated, 300 ? max.
Current Loop intputs 2 channels (4 -20 mA) ±0.1 mA non-isolated, powered
USB interfaces USB master for Flash memory drives
USB function ActiveSync for connection to a PC
Power Supply 95-265 V a.c. ±10%, 50-60 Hz, 30 Watts
Rechargeable battery 2 x 6 V 4 Amp. hour
Typical 8 hour operation
Battery charging time 6 hours maximum
Air Requirements
Air Supply Clean, dry, oil-free air
Supply pressure required 4 – 10 bar (60 – 150) psi
Flow rate 1 to 150 l/min (0.05 to 5 cfm) at 4 bar (60 psi)
Maximum flow rate 600 l/min (20 cfm)
Air connection ISO G3/8 (3/8 BSPP) male thread supplied
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 °C (-4 to 122 °F)
Max. flue gas temperature 450 °C / 840 °F
Overall size in carry bag 500 x 225 x 300 mm (20 x 9 x 12 ins)
Weight (incl. bag and hoses) 9.8 kg (22 lb)
Cables and hoses 2 air hoses, signal and power cables supplied, all 3 m (10 ft)
Sample Probe
Material Stainless Steel
Detector Pyrex glass with platinum electrodes
Calibration Option for UKAS calibration
Probe access port Minimum requirement: 50 mm / 2 inches diameter
Connections Signal cable to Control Unit; Air hose to Control Unit
Maximum temperature Shaft 450 °C (840 °F) ; Handle 75 °C (170 °F)
Minimum temperature -20 °C (-5 °F)
Length 1.2 m (4 ft) standard; Length Options: 2.1, 3.0 m (7, 10 ft)
Overall size in carry bag 1600, 2500 or 3400 x 320 x 80 mm 
(5’ 4", 8’ 4", or 11’ 4" x 13" x 3.5")
Weight (in bag 6.2 kg (14 lb), 8.6 kg (19 lb), 11 kg (24 lb)


  • SO3 Injection to improve Precipitator performance
  • Monitoring Fuel Additives
  • Quantify and Reduce Toxic Release Inventories (TRI)

SO3 Injection to improve Precipitator Performance

The injection of SO3 into flue gas immediately prior to the precipitator changes the resistivity of existing particles and enhances the performance of the Electrostatic Precipitator (ESPAcid smut emsssion from stack).

When the ash is over-saturated, the process gas has higher levels of free SO3, which will create a higher acid dewpoint temperature and hence a higher probability of cold end corrosion and acid emission. If there is too little SO3, the ESP performance will suffer leading to increased particulate emissions to the atmosphere.

Monitoring Fuel Additives

Many processes require the injection of MgO, inorganic metallics or activated Magnesium, for the minimization of SO3formation and reduction in the corrosion and pollution effects of burning high sulphur fuels.

Too little of these additives will lead to higher levels of SO2 forming free SO3, which in turn will increase the acid dewpoint temperature. This can result in increased emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, and lower thermal efficiency.

If the process is over saturated with additives, this may cause excessive dust or ash, creating dirty boilers, which will limit boiler performance, create hot side inefficiencies and in some cases inhibit the combustion gas flow through the process, consequently lowering the performance.

Quantify and Reduce Toxic Release Inventories (TRI)

Sulphuric acid aerosol emissions created by 'free SO3' are considered a toxic release. It is necessary to quantify these emissions as part of a Toxic Release Inventory (TRI).

Free SO3

Free SO3 in flue gas streams from coal and oil-fired boiler systems can be defined as the level of SO3 in the vapor state, which does not include SO3 already deposited onto the fly ash. This is the most significant parameter in the acid aerosol emissions.

At temperatures below 175 °C / 350 °F, 99.7 % of the free SO3 becomes H2SO4 in the presence of H2O concentrations greater than 8 %.

Sulphuric acid mist is formed at flue gas temperatures below the acid dewpoint temperature.

Monitoring Solutions

The most direct method available to quantify these emissions is to measure the acid dewpoint temperature (ADT) from which direct concentrations of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) can be calculated.

Acid dewpoint temperature monitoring is the key parameter for operators to balance acid emissions with efficiency; and indicate the onset of reportable TRI emissions.

LANCOM 200 – portable analyzer

   It is designed specifically for plant requiring only periodic monitoring of the sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature for boiler efficiency checks, corrosion protection and evaluation of the effectiveness of corrective measures such as fuel additives and changes in the combustion conditions.

Resource & Download

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INO: Bán, Báo giá, tư vấn mua sắm và cung cấp, tư vấn sản phẩm thay thế; tương đương, hướng dẫn sử dụng, giá…VNĐ, …USD | INO Sales: 028 73000184 | Land-Portable Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature Monitor ( Model: Lancom 200 ).


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