Temperature Calibrators- Tư vấn mua sắm và cung cấp thiết bị hiệu chuẩn nhiệt độ



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Lưu ý: Tham khảo ý kiến của nhân viên INO sẽ giúp bạn tiết kiệm được thời gian và chi phí khi cần mua sắm. ​​Với sự tư vấn của chúng tôi, bạn sẽ không gặp khó khăn khi tìm hiểu về đặc tính của sản phẩm cần mua.
Advantage 2000HE(Enplas)
Advantage S-1035-21C1 (Enplas)
Advantage S-925-21C1 (Enplas)
Allen Bradley 1771
Allen Bradley 900
Allen Bradley PanelView
Allen Bradley PanelView 1200
Allen Bradley PanelView 900
Allen Bradley PLC Data Acquisition Sys
Allen-Bradley 1746-INT4
API 0503XU
API 21508R
API 429
Athena 16C-B-B-30-00 w/ 101105 , RTD
Athena 16DCBB30 , RTD
Athena 3020 F.D.
Athena 4000 F.D.
Athena 4000 S.D.
Athena 4000 S.E.
Athena 4000-B
Athena 4200 F.E.
Athena 4200 T
Athena 6075
Baker Bros D922X037NA Temperature Controller Panel Calibration
Barber-Colman 100T-0JF00
Barber-Colman 1211-10029-031-1-00 Temperature Controller, High Limit Calibration
Barber-Colman 121C
Barber-Colman 121L-10016-031-
Barber-Colman 122M
Barber-Colman 271P-271P
Barber-Colman 285N-271P
Barber-Colman 521111L-DC-200E-2-2-A-10000-0
Barber-Colman 521L
Barber-Colman 521L-40033-051-SP14-0033
Barber-Colman 521LDC2004
Barber-Colman 550
Barber-Colman 560
Barber-Colman 570
Barber-Colman Controll Consol
Barber-Colman DB13-00035
Barber-Colman DB13-0035
Barber-Colman DB18-DC2004
Barber-Colman MAE1-019
Barber-Colman MBQ
Barber-Colman MCR138-R/E
Barber-Colman MRE
Blue M 1004-8C-1
Blue M BM118500
Blue M CV490 A2
BriskHeat ACR6000
BriskHeat TT8301-S16
Brookfield 64
Brookfield 74R
Brookfield 75
Chromalox 1603
Chromalox 2030-22044
Chromalox 2104
Chromalox 2110
Chromalox 3901-11112
Chromalox 3910-51104
Chromalox 3910-81212
Cincinatti CTS-45-3-S/AC
Clepco DRG100
Cole-Parmer 301
Cole-Parmer 320-1106
Conair Tempro
Cress 945
Despatch 101011300
Diala Mini JR7710
Dwyer 16133
Dynapar T50621000
Eclipse EMC120
Electro-Nite Checkmate 4
Electro-Nite DT-400C
Electroven GB4-450
Electroven GBHT125
Eliwell EWPC 902/T
Eurotherm 2204 FM
Eurotherm 2404
Eurotherm 91e
Eurotherm 94C
Fenwal 400 Series
Fenwal 55-001140-306
Fenwal 55-001140-308
Fenwal 550
Glas-Col Digitrol II
Glo-Quartz Glo-Quartz
Gossen GTR0212
Gulton 2070
Haake N3-B Temperature Controller/Circulator Calibration
Hartmann B61022
Heraeus Celox
Honeywell 2000 Series
Honeywell 3000 Series
Honeywell 3002-0-000-1-00-XXXX
Honeywell 50RTD
Honeywell 6 Sensors
Honeywell 8476
Honeywell AV54
Honeywell D200E00A-100000-0
Honeywell DC-3000
Honeywell DC113-200-3
Honeywell DC113-200-4
Honeywell DC113-B-00
Honeywell DC200-2
Honeywell DC2003-2
Honeywell DC2004
Honeywell DC2004-2
Honeywell DC200E
Honeywell DC200E-1-000-100000-0
Honeywell DC200E-2-00A-10000-0
Honeywell DC200E-2-00A-100000-0
Honeywell DC200H
Honeywell DC200L
Honeywell DC230B
Honeywell DC230E
Honeywell DC3002
Honeywell DC3003
Honeywell DC3004
Honeywell DC3005
Honeywell DC3006
Honeywell DC300E
Honeywell DC330B
Honeywell DC330E
Honeywell DC4000
Honeywell DCP100
Honeywell DCP216
Honeywell DCP511
Honeywell Dialatrol Calibration
Honeywell P300
Honeywell R7352A
Honeywell R7353
Honeywell T775A
Honeywell UDC 1500
Honeywell UDC 2000
Honeywell UDC 2000 ±10°F
Honeywell UDC 2300
Honeywell UDC 2500
Honeywell UDC 3000
Honeywell UDC 3000 ±10°F
Honeywell UDC 3003
Honeywell UDC 3003 ±10°F
Honeywell UDC 3004
Honeywell UDC 3300
Honeywell UDC 3300B
Honeywell UDC200/4110
Honeywell UDC2000E-2-00A
Honeywell Unknown
Honeywell Y91011240006C
Industrial Inst 448-386
Intergrated N931C0014
JC Systems 600
JC Systems 620-TC/TC
Johnson Controls A419 Series
Leeds & Northrup 1411-0-9520A
Leeds & Northrup 6012-3-04-1
Leeds & Northrup 6012-3-07-1
Leeds & Northrup Electromax "V"
LFE 2010
Linberg 200-1200C
Love Controls 164
Love Controls 25013
Love Controls 49
Maxitrol AD1094
Mercoid/Dwyer DA-7035-153-5N
Micristar 828D
Minco CT16
Multivac RO-2
Nan Young MX 4
Neslab CFT 150
Neslab CFT 75
Ogden ETR-203 Type J
Ogden ETR-4080
Omega 2003
Omega 2004
Omega 4001-JF
Omega 4001A-KF
Omega 4002A-JF
Omega 4002A-KF
Omega 49
Omega CN2002
Omega CN2003
Omega CN2110
Omega CN616
Omega CN8500
Omega DP205TC Temperature Controlle Calibrationr
Omega DP80 Series
Omron E5BW
Omron E5CS
Omron E5CW (Special 5°C)
Omron E5EX
Omron ES100P
Partlow 6110001
Partlow 6110101
Partlow 6111111
Partlow 6111121
Partlow 6120101
Partlow 6130131
Partlow 76BF-2004-104-20-00
Partlow 76BF-4000-103-20-00
Partlow Alkaline Cleaner
Partlow LFBSSX
Partlow LFP
Partlow MF79
Partlow MIC 2000
Partlow MIC6000
Partlow Phosphate
Polymetron 8920
PowerPak Tir
Process Technology DE20-1-PB Temperature Controller ±1.0°F Calibration
Process Technology DM15D Temperature Controller ±1.0°F Calibration
Process Technology DME20 Temperature Controller ±1.0°F Calibration
Process Technology DME20 Temperature Controller ±2.0°F Calibration
Process Technology Electro-Cleaner
Process Technology NE20
Process Technology Nickel Tank
Process Technology Soak Cleaner # 2
Process Technology Soak Cleaner #1
Process Technology Tin
Process Technology Water Bath
Process Technology Zinc
Red Lion IMR00100
Red Lion TCU
Rkc AF-4
Rkc PB-6B1C-M
Rkc REX-C10
Rkc REX-C100
Rkc REX-C400
Rohlf ETR19
Ropex RES-242 Temperature Controller, Heatseal Calibration
Ses TS3/5-1010
Shimaden SR24-21-4090
Shimaden SR30
Singleton Corp. DINFJ32HD-N-N-23
Soltec 530
Steal-tronic 601-00437-01
Sterlco M2B-2010-C Temperature Controller (Enplas) Calibration
Sterlco M2B-2010-D Temperature Controller (Enplas) Calibration
Sterlco M8412-AX Temperature Controller (Enplas) Calibration
Svecia Print Drying Machine
Techne TC-8D
Thermalogic DINFJ32H1N
Thermologic J32H1-N-N-23
Thermotron 12003
Thermotron 3038
Thermotron 822817
Thermotron F32-CHV-15-15
Thermotron G850
Thermtronix 321
Toyoseiki C-5059D2
United UE 800
United Electric Controls D931X019
VWR 1122S Temperature Controller/Circulator Calibration
Wabash 1412
Watlow 808
Watlow 900 Series
Watlow 920
Watlow 92A-2BBO-A000
Watlow 93 Series
Watlow 935A-1CC0-000G
Watlow 935A-1CK0-000G
Watlow 942
Watlow 945
Watlow 965A
Watlow 985A
Watlow F4 Series
Watlow SD Series
Watlow Series 922
West 1400-0
West 2052
West 2070
West 2072
West 2810
West 3200
West 3800
West 3810
West 6100
Yama Honeywell 400J
Yamatake-Honeywell R7372/DP020 Temperature Controller, Dialatrol Calibration
Yokogawa 24001166
Yokogawa UM04
Yokogawa UP550 Temperature Controller (Enplas) Calibration
Yokogawa UT130
Yokogawa UT14
Yokogawa UT15
Yokogawa UT152
Yokogawa UT15A
Yokogawa UT15E
Yokogawa UT15L
Yokogawa UT30
Yokogawa UT320E
Yokogawa UT350
Yokogawa UT350L
Yokogawa UT350L-00
Yokogawa UT37
Yokogawa UT37E
Yokogawa UT38
Yokogawa UT40
Yokogawa UT550L-10
Yokogawa UT550L-14
Lưu ý: Nếu một thiết bị nào đó không được liệt kê ở đây, điều đó không có nghĩa rằng chúng tôi không hỗ trợ được bạn về thiết bị đó. Hãyliên hệ với chúng tôi để biết danh sách đầy đủ về thiết bị mà chúng tôi có thể hỗ trợ và cung cấp. 


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