Chandler Engineering-Quizix precision pumps (Model:6000)

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 The Q6000 Pump Cylinder 
The Q6000 Pump Cylinder is for applications requiring a higher flow rate and/or larger volumes than is available with any of the 5000 Series models. The Q6000 is mechanically very similar to the 5000 Series, but is much larger. Also, the motor driver is incorporated into the pump cylinder design, whereas the motor driver for the Q5000 cylinder is packaged with the Controller. 

The 6000 Series is available in three different models, with a range of flow rate and maximum pressure specifications. The model with the greatest delivery rate is the Q6105 (formerly C-6000-5K) which has a maximum pressure rating of 5000 PSI (345 bar) and maximum flow rate of 40 mi. per minute (24,000 ml per hour). Two other models have maximum pressure ratings of 10,000 SPI (689 bar) and 20,000 PSI (1,379 bar) and have respectively lower flow rates. 

Continuous, Pulse-Free Flow 
All three 6000 models are stepper-motor-driven, positive displacement piston pumps. Two 6000 Series pump cylinders are required for continuous flow of a single fluid, so that one cylinder can refill and pre-pressurize while the other one is pumping fluid. A pressure transducer on each cylinder, a dedicated microprocessor, and sophisticated software algorithms ensure precise measurement and matching of fluid pressure in the two cylinders. As a result, there is no detectable pulse at cylinder switchover and the fluid flow is completely pulse-free. 

Stainless Steel or Hastelloy Wetted Parts 
Wetted parts in all three 6000 models can be ordered in Stainless Steel (SS-316) or Hastelloy (C-276_. The Hastelloy option provides excellent corrosion resistance for users tho pump highly corrosive fluids. All models include a precision ball screw and a silicon carbide piston, which is extremely corrosion and scratch resistant. 

High Temperature Option 
For reservoir condition tests, the 6000 Series has a unique high temperature option which allows the entire pump cylinder body to be placed in an oven and heated up to 160°C (320°F). With most other pump designs, only the barrel of the cylinder can be heated, resulting in temperature gradients in the fluid as the piston moves in and out of the heated barrel. These temperature gradients can distort volume measurement data significantly. With the Quizix high temperature option, the entire fluid flow system can be heated to a uniform temperature, eliminating thermal expansion and contraction and ensuring accurate volume data. 

Due to the size and weight of the C-6000 pump cylinder, we also offer a cradle-type support stand on casters to facilitate moving the pumps into a heating unit more conveniently. 

A two-cylinder system (16210) provides continuous, pulse-free flow of a single fluid at a constant rate, constant pressure, or constant differential pressure. A typical Q6200 includes: 

•  Two 6000 Series Pump Cylinders (choose from three models) 
•  One CN-5000 Dual Controller 
•  Two Pressure Transducers 
•  Two 3-way Constant Volume Valves 
•  MUST be Operated with PumpWorks Software 

A four-cylinder system (Q6400) provides continuous, pulse free flow of two fluids. A typical Q6410 includes: 
•  Four 6000 Series Pump Cylinders (choose from three models) 
•  Two CN-6000 Dual Controller 
•  Four Pressure Transducers 
•  Four 3-way Constant Volume Valves 
•  Must be Operated by PumpWorks Software 
•  The Q6000 Pump Cylinder 

Q6000 Precision Metering Pumps

 Model     Max Pressure Max Flow Rate Cylinder 
Stroke Volume
Min Flow Rate Options
 Q6000-5K 5000 psi
34 MPa
400 mL/min
 24,000 mL/hr
550 mL  0.001 mL/min
0.06 mL/hr
SS or HC
 Q6000-10K 10,000 psi
70 MPa
200 mL/min
 12,000 mL/hr 
275 mL  0.0005 mL/min
0.03 mL/hr 
SS or HC
 Q6000-20K 20,000 psi
138 MPa
80 mL/min
 4,800 mL/hr 
125 mL  0.00025 mL/min
0.015 mL/hr 

SS: Wetted components may be ordered in stainless steel 316 
HC: Wetted parts may be ordered in HASTELLOY® C-276 
HT: Available with high temperature option for heating fluid ends up to 320˚F / 160˚C

Computer required to run PumpWorks™ pump control software.

Air : 
65 – 100 psi / 450 – 690 kPa, clean and dry 
Power Supply: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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