Cameca-IMS (Model:1280-HR)

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Ultra High Sensitivity Magnetic Sector SIMS for Geosciences

The CAMECA IMS 1280-HR is a large geometry ion microprobe delivering unequalled analytical performance for a wide range of applications: tracking geological processes using stable isotopes, dating minerals, determining the presence of trace elements, screening and analysing large numbers of particles… 

New high mass resolution capabilities

The new IMS 1280-HR model combines the well-proven features of the former IMS 1280 with new developments oriented toward specific geoscience applications requiring very high mass resolution capabilities in both mono and multicollection modes.
Main targeted applications are K/Ca and Rb/Sr dating in monocollection mode at Mass Resolving Power (MRP) > 20,000, as well as Mg and metal isotope analysis in multicollection mode at MRP > 5,000. 
These superior capabilities open the path to a whole new type of scientific investigations in geological sciences.
Transmission at very high mass resolution (monocollection) in Adularia is shown on the left. A 40K transmission > 75 c/s/ppm/nA could be achieved at MRP (10%) ~ 34,000.

Ultimate performance for in situ isotope analysis

High density cesium or oxygen primary ion beam bombardment combined with optimized transmission allow high precision stable isotope studies and analysis of trace elements at high sensitivity (e.g. mandatory for Pb analyses in Zircon). The IMS 1280-HR multicollector system ensures ultimate reproducibility for stable isotope ratio measurements (H, C, O, S, Li, B, Mg…) and significantly increases the throughput of the instrument by reducing the total acquisition time.
IMS 1280-HR-analysis-on-foraminiferal-cross-sections 

2×3μm analysis pits on polished foraminiferal cross sections, and corresponding δ18O values.
Courtesy of WiscSIMS lab, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA.

Unique imaging capabilities 

Scanning Ion ImageThe IMS 1280-HR is the only large geometry ion microprobe performing both microscope and microprobe imaging. Thanks to these superior imaging capabilities, the IMS 1280-HR is able to map the distribution of major, minor and trace elements or isotopes at sub-micron lateral resolution.

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