Shimadzu-SALD (Model:3101)

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SALD-3101 is useful wherever there is a need to measure coarse or dense particles, including the fields of metals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, environment, river conservation, disaster prevention, civil engineering, construction, agriculture, and soil.

Seamless Cover over a Wide Measuring Range from 0.05 to 3000µ (3mm)

Seamlessly covers an extremely wide range of particle diameters from 0.05 to 3000µ using a single measurement principle, a single optical system, and a single light source. Always achieves accurate particle size distribution measurements across the entire measuring range using a single standard, without data discontinuities from a multiple optical system combination.

Powerful Particle Circulation Mechanism

The sampler incorporates a powerful vertical radial pump with a flow rate of 5000 cm3/minute to reliably circulate coarse or dense particles from several hundred microns to several millimeters in size. This powerful particle circulation is the key technology behind the 3000µ (3mm) upper measuring limit.

Handles Many Sample Types and Measurement Aims

Select from an extensive range of options to suit the sample type and the aim of the measurements.

Description Model Method
Standard Sampler & flow cell SALD-MS30 Wet Measurement
Non-circulating sampler SALD-AC30 Wet Measurement
Injection type Dry Measurement Unit SALD-DS21 Dry Measurement
Free-fall type Dry Measurement Unit SALD-DS3 Dry Measurement

Specifications SALD-3101

Measurement method Laser diffraction method
Measuring range 0.05-3000μm
Measuring unit:SALD-31 01 (P/N 347-60000-20)
Sampler unit:SALD-MS30 (P/N 346-63701-20)
Light source
Semiconductor laser (690nm wave length) Dispersing bath Made of polyacetal and SUS316, with about 400cm3 inner volume
Photo sensor
81 elements(76 elements for forward area and 1 element for side area and 4 elements for back area) Stirrer Blade type, with adjustable rotation speed
Power requirement
AC 100 to 120V 1A/AC 200 to 240V 0.5A 50/60Hz Sonicator 42kHz frequency, 40W output power
Dimensions and weight
95cm wide, 32cm deep, 41cm high, and 58kg weight Liquid pump Adjustable radial pump, with delivery speed up to 5000 cm3/min
Batch cell:SALD-BC30 (P/N 321-48338-02)
Material of wetted parts Stainless steeI(SUS304, SUS316)
Made of quarts glass Power requirement AC 100 to 120V 1.5A/AC 200 to 240V G.8A 50/60Hz
Inner volume
12cm3 Dimensions and weight 43cm wide, 41cm deep, 40cm high, and 29kg weight
Vertical movement blade type, with adjustable speed Flow cell Made of quarts glass

PC System Requirements

Processor 133MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU Available disk space 30megabytes(MB)
RAM 32 megabytes(MB) of RAM recommended CD-ROM drive Yes
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP Serial port 1port
Monitor Super VGA or higher resolution monitor


Dry Measurement Units
These units measure the particle size distribution of a sample powder dispersed in the air.
Use these units for particle size distribution measurements of powders with no suitable dispersion medium and powders that dissolve in liquids.
Two unit types are available, to suit the sample state and measurement aim.

SALD-DS21 Injection type Dry Measurement Unit (measuring range: approx. 0.8 to 1000um) (P/N 347-60100-20)
Sample powder is dispersed for measurement by injecting in the air from a nozzle.
The unit offers three types of sample suction mechanism and three types of nozzle, which allow setting of the optimal dispersion force and sample volume conditions to match the sample state and aim of measurement.

SALD-DS3 Free-fall type Dry Measurement Unit (measuring range: approx. 10 to 3000um) (P/N 346-61206-10)
The sample is measured during free fall.
Even easily damaged particles can be directly measured,
A separate dry-measurement detector case (P/N 347-60010-20)
compressor (SALD-DS21 only) and dust collector are required to use the dry measurement units.

SALD-AC30 Acyclic Motion Sampler (P/N 346-83746-02)
Completes one measurement cycle in 30 seconds, Including washing. Automatically detects sample infuse to start measurement and data storage. The rapid measurement time saves effort and makes this the optimal unit for measuring samples with a rapidly changing particle size distribution, such as powder undergoing a grinding process.

Example of Particle Size Distribution of Corn Starch (dry measurement)

2. Example of Particle Size Distribution of Flour (dry measurement)

These two types of sand are actual fossils of foraminifera ("hole bearers") gathered from the shores of Iriomote Island. Because of their shape, the larger sand is called "Sun sand" and the smaller "Star sand".
Measurement of the particle size distribution of these sands was attempted on the SALD-3000. As expected, it was found that "Sun sand" is slightly larger than "Star sand."

Particle Size Distribution of "Sun Sand" (wet measurement)

Particle Size Distribution of "Star Sand" (wet measurement)

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