Shimadzu-HMV (Model:G Series)

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Everyone is an expert

In recent years, instruments have been increasingly used by inexperienced operators.
At the same time, reliable measurements are essential in order to ensure quality, so instruments are needed that can be used easily by anyone, with no risk of human measurement error. Our Micro Vickers Hardness Testers, featuring automatic length measurement, have been standardized as a response to such demands.

Standardized automatic length measurement function using a CCD camera built in a novel G frame (G21 series)

The automatic length measurement function provides simple, secure measurements, with no risk of human error. The adoption of the novel G frame expands the work space, dramatically improves operability, and makes it easy to test samples that are long or have a large surface area. Also, with the automatic lens switching function, magnification can be set to automatically match the size of the indentation with the correct lens, enabling any user to accurately measure samples. (T models only)

Easy-to-use software (G21 series)

Everything from setting of conditions to the display of results can be checked in a single window, so anyone can perform tests smoothly. In addition, with the routine inspection graphs function, it is easy to check data in chronological order just by selecting the measurement results, so it can be used effectively for ISO17025 and ISO16949 certification.

Capable of automatically recognizing the total image of the sample and the sample edges (FA type)

It is easy to determine the test position for gears and other samples with complicated shapes, which shortens the work time. Furthermore, samples can be positioned by clicking at an arbitrary position on the total image, which dramatically improves operability.

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INO: Bán, Báo giá, tư vấn mua sắm và cung cấp, tư vấn sản phẩm thay thế; tương đương, hướng dẫn sử dụng, giá…VNĐ, …USD | INO Sales: 028 73000184 | Shimadzu-HMV (Model:G Series).


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