QuadTech Inc-Plus Medical Electrical Safety Analyzer (Model:Guardian 6100)

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 The Guardian 6100 Plus is able to perform several dielectric tests in one unit including AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance,Ground Bond, Open/Short Check and optional Leakage Current for compliance testing of IEC, UL, TUV, CSA, EN and other standards including IEC60601-1, UL2601-1, IEC950, UL544, UL60950. The time-saving TwinPort™ feature performs Hipot and Ground Bond simultaneously cutting time for these tests in half.  The open / short check function (OSC) checks for an open connection or a DUT short during testing.  Open connections may cause a bad DUT to test OK.  Screening for shorts prevents damage to the equipment saving potential costs that may occur. These patented features are only available in safety products manufactured by Chroma.

The Guardian 6100 Plus Safety Analyzer’s leakage current scanners (A190308) can provide up to 20A input current capability for functional run testing as well as earth, enclosure, patient and line leakage current tests meeting IEC60601-1 compliance requirements.

A190308 Leackage Current Scanner installed in back of 6100 Plus


  • Plugs into the Guardian 6100 Plus for Hipot, Line Leakage Auto Scanning
  • Five Different Kinds Human Body RC Network
  • Four measurements mode : Normal, Reverse, Single Fault Normal, Single Fault Reverse
  • Up to 20A Line Input Current Capability
  • Build in A/D and Calibration Data Memory Easy to Install
  • Multiple Display Mode Voltage-LC, Amp-LC, VA-LC
  • Earth LC, Enclosure LC, Patient LC and Patient Auxiliary LC Test


Production and Compliance Testing of Medical Devices in Accordance with IEC, UL, CSA, EN and Other Standards such as IEC60601-1, UL2601-1, IEC950, UL544 and UL60950

  • ITE / consumer electronic safety testing
  • Transformer safety testing
  • Generator/motor safety testing
  • Component safety testing
  • Non-electronic safety testing
  • Appliance electrical safety testing
  • Medical equipment safety testing


Guardian 6100 Plus
Mode AC / DC / IR / GB / LC
Withstanding Voltage Test
Output Voltage DC:0.05 ~ 6kV , AC : 0.05 ~ 5kV
Load Regulation ±(1% of reading +0.1% of range)
Voltage Regulation 2V
Voltage Accuracy ±(1% of reading +0.1% of range)
Cutoff Current DC : 20mA , AC : 40mA
Current Resolution 0.1 μA DC
Current Accuracy ±(1% of reading +0.1% of range)
Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Test Time 0.3 ~ 999 sec , continue
Ramp Time 0.1 ~ 99.9 sec, Off
Fall Time 0.1 ~ 99.9 sec, Off
Waveform Sine wave
Insulation Resistance Test
Output Voltage DC : 0.05 ~ 1kV
Voltage Resolution 2V
Voltage Accuracy ±(2% of reading +0.5% of range)
IR Range 1MΩ ~ 50GΩ
Resistance Resolution 0.1MΩ
Resistance Accuracy 5% typical
Ground Bond Test
Output Current AC : 1 ~ 30A (40A, 60A optional)
Current Accuracy ±(1% of reading +0.2% of range)
GR Range 10mΩ ~ 510mΩ
Resistance Resolution 0.1mΩ
Resistance Accuracy ± (1% of reading + 0.1% of full scale)
Test Method 4 wires
Flashover Detection
Setting Mode Programmable setting
Detection Current AC : 20mA, DC : 10mA
Secure Protection Function
Panel Operation Lock Present password
Interlock YES
GO/NG Judgment Window
Indication,Alarm GO: Short sound,Green LED; NG: Long sound, Red LED
Data Hold Least tests data memories
Memory Storage 50 setups with up to 100 groups recall
9pin D-sub I/O control / RS232 / GPIB (Optional)
Operation Environment Temperature : 0°C ~ 40°C, Humidity : ± 80 % RH
Power Consumption No load : < 100 W With rated load : 800 W
Power Requirements 90~132Vac or 198~264Vac, 47~66Hz
Weight Approx. 20KG(19032) 25KG (19032-P)

Ordering information

Guardian 6100 Plus: Electrical Safety Analyzer
A190301: 8HV Scanning Box
A190302: 5HV/3GC Scanner
A190303: 3HV/5GC Scanner
A190304: 8HV Scanner
A190305: Line Leakage Current Scanner 
A190306: Hipot/Line Leakage/Probe Scanner (10A)
A190307: L-N Scanner & Leakage Current Scanner
A190308: Hipot/Line Leakage/Probe Scanner (20A)
A190313: 500VA Isolation Transformer
A190314: 1000VA Isolation Transformer

A190316: Dummy Load
A190317: Bar Code Scanner
A190321: GPIB Interface
A190334: Ground Bond 40A
A190337: Ground Bond 60A
A190338: 19001 EST Software
A190309: EMI FILTER Scanner
A190342: EMI FILTER Test Box
A190343: 19" Rack Mount Kit for Model 19032
A190344: HV Gun
A190349: Universal Corded Product Adapter
A190708: ARC Verification Fixture

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