QuadTech Inc-Plus Hipot Analyzer (Model: Guardian 500VA)

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 The Guardian 500VA Plus Hipot Analyzer is designed for hipot tests and analysis. The tests of AC/DC/IR can be programmed in AC 5kV/100mA – DC 6kV/20mA with 500VA output rating which complies with the EN50191 requirements. The 500VA Plus not only includes AC/DC/IR tests but also a new measurement technology – Corona Discharge Detection (CDD). Corona Discharge Detection and Discharge Level Analysis (DLA) are used to specify the:

  • Flashover Start Voltage (FSV)
  • BreakDown Voltage (BDV)

These functions provide useful data to verify the product’s insulation and increase the reliability of the product during manufacturing.

For Contact Checking during the hipot test, the 500VA Plus is equipped with a High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC) besides the Open Short Check (OSC) function. By conducting the Contact Check during Hipot test, it can increase the test reliability and efficiency significantly.

For convenience, the 500VA Plus has a large LCD screen for operation. In addition, the GFI human protection circuit and Floating safety output prevents electrical hazard to the operator.

Features / Functions

  • 500VA output rating
  • Hipot: AC 5kV/100mA – DC 6kV/20mA
  • Insulation: 5kVmax – 1MΩ~50GΩ
  • Floating output complies with EN50191
  • Corona Disharge Detection
  • Flashover Detection
  • Discharge Level Analysis (DLA)
  • Open/Short Check function (OSC)
  • High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC)
  • Ground Fault Interrupt
  • Standard RS-232 Interface
  • Optional GPIB & HANDLER Interface
  • Key Lock when Fail
  • Programmable Voltage and Test Limit
  • CE Mark
  • Supports A190301 8HV Scanning Box


For Transformers: The internal winding of a transformer often endures unstable voltage for long periods when used under normalTransformer Diagramconditions. Over time, the insulation is affected if the primary side components are in a state of corona discharge. For example, most power transformers reserve an auxiliary coil for other circuits to use in the primary side as the figure shows. When it is used under Vp=750V for a period of time and if the manufacturing process included faulty insulating tape or tubing it would cause a continuous corona discharge. Insulation of primary winding would be compromised and burned out eventually due to the enameled carbonization.

For Motors: As industrial motors or EV motors are used for long hours and under varying environmentalCorona discharge in motorconditions suchas temperature and humidity, features like high durability andreliability are mostcritical.Temperature is also one of the key factors to influence insulation. If corona discharge occurs in turn-to-turn and turn-to-ground, it would cause the insulation to deteriorate due to the increase in heat andmaterial qualitative change. Adding Corona Discharge Detection in hipot testing exceeds the quality requirements for insulation by detecting units with poor insulation early thus reducing the defect rate caused by long-term usage. The image shows Corona Dischard in a motor.

Discharge Level Analysis for high voltage capacitors, safety capacitors, photocouplers and insulation materials:19055 Hipot Analyzer

When gaps or voids in the insulation medium happen in the manufacturing process, different electric fields will be formed and corona discharge will occur when the hipot test is conducted. The medium changes when such usage continue over time and quality issues will appear due to the faulty insulation.

Discharge Level Analysis

The dielectric withstanding voltage of components depends on materials and the manufacturing processes. For improving insulation in components, discharge levels should be defined including Corona discharge, Flashover and Breakdown. The Guardian 500VA Plus is equipped with a Discharge Level Analysis mode (DLA) for defining the programming voltage, time, counts and limits.DLA Graph

It provides discharge analysis of three levels. DLA mode will indicate the withstanding voltage depending on the different level limit beginning with Corona Discharge Start Voltage (CSV), Flashover Start Voltage (FSV), and Breakdown Voltage( BDV). R&D and QC personnel are able to improve insulation by discharge data collection and analysis.


Ordering information

Guardian 500VA Plus:AC/DC/IR/Ground Bond

A190355: 19" Rack Mount Kit
A190356: GPIB Interface
A190708: ARC Verification Fixture


Guardian 500VA Plus
Guardian 500VA Plus
Mode AC / DC / IR
Withstanding Voltage Test
Output Voltage AC : 0.05 ~ 5kV, DC:0.05 ~ 6kV
Load Regulation 1% of setting + 0.5% full range
Voltage Resolution 2V
Voltage Accuracy 1% of setting + 0.5% full range
Cutoff Current AC : 100mA; DC : 20mA
Current Resolution AC : 1 μA; DC :0.1 μA
Current Accuracy 1% of setting + 0.5% full range
Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Test Time 0.3 ~ 999 sec, continue
Ramp Time 0.1 ~ 999 sec, Off
Fall Time 0.1 ~ 999 sec, Off
Waveform Sine wave
Insulation Resistance Test
Output Voltage DC : 0.05 ~ 5kV
Voltage Resolution 2V
Voltage Accuracy 1% of setting + 0.5% full range
IR Range 1MΩ ~ 50GΩ
Resistance Resolution 0.1MΩ
Resistance Accuracy >1kV 1MΩ ~ 1GΩ : ±3% of reading + 0.1% of range
1GΩ ~ 10GΩ : ±7% of reading + 2% of range
<500V 10GΩ ~ 50GΩ : ±10% of reading + 1% of range
Flashover Detection
Setting Mode Programmable setting
Detection Current AC : 20mA, DC : 10mA
Contact Check Function
HFCC High Frequency Contact Check
OSC (open/short check) 600Hz, 0.1s
Contact Check Function
Floating Output Design Leakage current <3mA
Fast Output Cut-off 0.4ms after NG Happens
Ground Fault Interrupt 0.5mA ±0.25mA AC,ON/OFF
Panel Operation Lock Present Password
Interlock YES
GO/NG Judgment Window
Indication,Alarm GO: Short sound,Green LED; NG: Long sound, Red LED
Data Hold Least tests data memories
Memory Storage 100 sets max., 50 steps per set
RS232 Handler Interface(standard) / GPIB (Optional)
Operation Environment Temperature : 0°C ~ 45°C, Humidity : 15%~95% RH@≤40°C
Power Consumption 500VA
Power Requirements 90~132Vac or 198~264Vac, 47~66Hz
Weight Approx. 20KG
Marks CE

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