Land-Float line thermometer ( Model: Land FLT5A )

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Accurate temperature measurement is vital in ensuring uniformity across the entire width of the glass. The new LandFLT5Ais designed specifically for use in float lines.FLT5Ameasures glass surface temperature in the range 250 to 1100°C,with excellent precision and long-term stability.

In the past, Land has specified SOLO 5 instruments for float line applications. The FLT5Asupersedes SOLO 5, offering improved performance from an appreciably more cost-effective and user-friendly package.

The FLT5A measures temperatures from 250 to 1100 °C, reducing the number of different instruments on the line.

It has exactly the same spectral response as the SOLO 5 (4.8 to 5.2 µm) – i.e. it has the same low penetration into the glass and the same insensitivity to atmospheric humidity. The thermometer features 50:1 optics, fixed focus at 1 metre, with 98% energy guaranteed from within the 20mm target spot.

The thermometer is quickly demountable from a cooling jacket and is compatible with a comprehensive range of mountings and accessories, enabling use in the most hostile of environments.

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