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INO provides pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electronic products for industrial automation, oilfield, mobile and marine applications. Products include pneumatic valves and actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic fieldbus valve manifolds, electro-pneumatic valves and positioners, Solenoid valve and vacuum components

Solenoid Valves . . .

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Solenoid Valves
Pneumadyne, Inc.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Solenoid ValvesSolenoid valves are an efficient method of converting electrical signals into pneumatic functions. Applying electricity to a direct acting solenoid valve creates a magnetic field within the coil which attracts an internal armature and allows air flow through the ports. Discover the top five things to consider when choosing a direct acting solenoid valve for any pneumatic application.

Valve Actuators & Control . . .

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Micro-controls Drive Medical Device Design

Micro-controls Drive Medical Device DesignMicro-control motion technology is helping to revolutionize medical devices, making the devices smaller than ever and procedures less invasive. Micro-drives are compact and are the appropriate solution for medical-actuator systems, says Design News. The drives produce high performance with a small footprint and are easy to control and adaptable to all medical standards.

Tank Terminal Features Automated Flow Control

Tank Terminal Features Automated Flow ControlA new tank terminal in Rotterdam uses electric valve actuation for automated flow control and safety requirements. More than 250 multi-turn and quarter-turn intelligent electric actuators have been installed to operate the valves that control the movement of liquids throughout the site. Another 55 self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators have been installed on valves to provide failsafe Emergency Shutdown (ESD) protection.

Industrial Applications . . .

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Inline Testing Minimizes Downtime, Costs

Inline Testing Minimizes Downtime, CostsProcess industries continue to look to reduce costs and prevent downtime during periodic maintenance of safety relief valves. This EngineeringLive report looks at methods to keep production moving during testing such as installing a relief valve on an upstream changeover valve. This allows one valve to operate while the second is in stand-by mode. In-situ testing identifies set pressures while the protected pressure vessels remain in operation.

Nanocoating Gets Tough

Nanocoating Gets ToughA new nanocomposite coating has been developed for use in steam turbine valve stems, reports Energy Tech magazine. The nanocomposite TiSiCN coating is a dense and adherent coating that can reach hardness levels 8x greater than a typical nitrided stainless steel surface and 10x greater than most wrought alloys found in many of today's valve stems

PowerTube™ Valve is Leak-free
co-ax valves inc.

EPC — Environmental Protection Cap
Taylor Valve Technology, Inc.

PowerTube™ Valve is Leak-freeCoaxial valves from co-ax inc. are leak-free, high cycle-life, bi-directional, pressure-balanced, low-profile valves. The short linear stroke of the internal PowerTube™ makes actuation unusually fast. The PowerTube™ is the flow channel through the valve — and actuated between inlet and outlet. Two or three-way versions. Externally controlled or direct acting versions.

EPC -- Environmental Protection CapTaylor Valve's Environmental Protection Cap "It Squeaks When It Leaks" will withstand discharge pressures up to 3000 PSI in temperatures from -45 to 300. Features: audible leak detection, will not fly away, and extreme visibility. A whistle installed gives a shrill noise indication when valve is leaking.

Innovative Polypropylene Valve Offers Unique Flow Solutions and Cost Savings

Compact, High-cycle Life, On/Off Control Valves
Assured Automation

Innovative Polypropylene Valve Offers Unique Flow Solutions and Cost SavingsEvsco, Inc. offers the Stack Valve System, a truly unique modular system providing space savings and cost advantages allowing multiple polypropylene valves to be operated with manual, electric, or pneumatic actuation. The 2-Way through 5-Way flow styles are full ported without restriction and offer superior flow characteristics.

Compact, High-cycle Life, On/Off Control ValvesAssured Automation's "Valve + Actuator" VA Series combines a pneumatic actuator and fast on-off control valve into one body eliminating packing glands, actuators, and mounting kits. There are no exposed moving parts, eliminating pinch points and increasing operator safety. Operating life has been tested to well over 1 million cycles.

Water & Wastewater . . .

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Find Leaks Fast

Find Leaks FastAging water infrastructures facing the cumulative effects of corrosion, soil settling, water hammer, and other factors are springing leaks in components such as valves, joints, and connections, which get worse over time. Advances in leak technology — like ground microphones to detect leak noise — can help determine the position of leaks. Utility workers can collect data on-site directly from valves and other equipment.

Simple Ways to Boost Performance

Simple Ways to Boost PerformanceManaging pressure using a pressure-reducing valve is a key tool for controlling leaks throughout a piping network. Pumps & Systems describes several tips for improving valve performance including valve placement and orientation that allows for easy valve access. It addresses an operator's worst enemy, air in pipelines, and a duplex strainer assembly for cleaning water.

Power & Energy . . .

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Stop Thread Wear in a 'Snap'

Stop Thread Wear in a 'Snap''An offshore oil port had trouble with stem nut wear on a motor-operated valve, which is a problem because if a nut fails, it provides false valve location readings. The company developed its own tool to solve the problem. The stem nut analysis protractor (SNAP) measures thread wear when it is engaged with the threads of the valve stem.

Silencing Sympathetic Vibration

Silencing Sympathetic VibrationControl-valve vibration has many causes, and a plethora of abatement strategies exist to reduce these bad vibes. Not surprisingly, detective work is involved. Power magazine details potential design changes for the valve and fluid system to prevent flow-induced vibration. In addition to avoiding the problem, designers must also consider any unintended consequences of these design changes.

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Butterfly Valves for Flow Control Service
Hebei Tongchan

Severe Service Control Valves
DFT Inc.

Butterfly Valves for Flow Control ServiceHebei Tongchan is determined to become the best flow control service provider in China with the highest quality valve products at the most competitive prices. You can visit our Web site for more information or check out our products here.

Severe Service Control ValvesThe HI-100 product line from DFT, Inc. features a unique in-line, through-ported, venturi nozzle design which was developed specifically for severe service applications. The HI-100 provides smooth control when throttling and can be used for on/off applications as well.

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